by Brian K./ S Vaughan

ISBN: 9781607066019
Publisher: Diamond Comic Dist. Ext85
Category: Comix
Vaughan's unique and expansive, multi-genre space epic, Saga, is a thrilling and immersive graphic novel series currently on its sixth volume. Told from the perspective of the first documented inner-species child, SAGA chronicles the life of two star-crossed lovers as they attempt to build their family in an unforgiving political environment. This series is truly wonderful, because while it satiates the more fantastical elements of the science-fiction genre, it also refuses to romanticize or glorify any themes of war, violence, oppression, or even child-raising. Riveting, beautifully drawn, humorous, tender, relevant and incredibly weird, SAGA is a wonderfully woven tale that will floor you with its honesty and then excite you in the same breath when your favorite characters draw their sword.
Recommended by Zora
Paperback: $9.99
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