Congratulations, Soon-To-Be Graduates!

Welcome to the Shakespeare & Co. Guide to Academic Regalia.

Here you'll find ordering, pickup, and pricing information for students participating in Hunter College Commencement this spring. To jump to the faculty section, click here.

I'm graduating from Hunter College. How do I order my graduation regalia?

All Hunter College graduation regalia is supplied by Herff Jones. To order your cap, gown, and accessories, visit their website, put "Hunter College" in the search box, and follow the prompts to complete your order. You must place your order online before May 4th, 2018. Please note that in the "Area of Study" field, you can select either your degree (e.g. Bachelor of Science), or your school (e.g. School of Arts and Sciences). You'll automatically get the correct accessories either way.

When and where do I pick up my online order?

Pick up your order at Shakespeare & Co. (939 Lexington Ave., at 69th St.) on May 16th, 17th, or 18th, between 10am and 7pm. Just bring your I.D. and proof of purchase. A digital receipt on your phone is fine.

It's after May 4th. Can I still get regalia?

Yes. Come in to Shakespeare & Co. starting May 21st, and you can buy your cap, gown, and accessories in store. We'll have plenty of stock, but come early, as everything will be subject to availability.

I know I need a cap and gown for the graduation ceremony. What else?

Students graduating with a Bachelor's degree also need a hood and tassel. Master's students need a hood, tassel, and cord. Doctorate students need a hood and tassel, and wear a tam rather than a cap. You can buy pieces individually, or as a package; packages include all the required pieces for each degree.

I'm a valedictorian/salutatorian. How do I get my stole?

Stoles can't be ordered online in advance, but will be available in store at Shakespeare & Co. starting May 21st.

What color hood and tassel am I supposed to get?

The color of your hood and tassel (and cord, for Master's students) depends on the school from which you're graduating. The colors are: white for Arts and Sciences; light blue for Education; kelly green for Health; apricot for Nursing; and citron for Social Work. When ordering online, you'll specify which school you attend, and the proper type and color of accessories will be added to your order. If you buy your regalia in our store, just let us know your school and degree ("I'm getting a Master's in Education"), and we'll give you the proper type and color of accessories as well.

I'm having an issue with my online order. Who do I contact?

Contact Herff Jones' customer service directly: 1.800.837.4235.

How much does regalia cost?

Graduate regalia can be purchased either as a package or as individual pieces a la carte. Please note that individual pieces can only be purchased in store starting May 21st; Herff Jones' website only supports the sale of complete packages. Packages can also be purchased in store starting May 21st.

Bachelor's (cap, gown, hood, tassel) $69.00
Master's (cap, gown, hood, tassel, cord) $89.00
Doctorate (tam, gown, hood, tassel) $139.00
Bachelors A La Carte
Gown $49.99
Hood $29.99
Cap $19.99
Tassel $14.99
Masters A La Carte
Gown $59.99
Hood $29.99
Cap $19.99
Tassel $14.99
Cord $12.99
Doctorate A La Carte
Gown $69.99
Tam $49.99
Hood $29.99
Tassel $14.99
Valedictorian/Salutatorian Stoles
Stole $32.99

Can I rent my regalia instead of buying it?

Graduate regalia is only available for purchase.

I have a question about Commencement tickets, or something else related to graduation but not to caps and gowns specifically. Who should I contact?

Visit the Hunter College Commencement website.

I'm a faculty member. How do I order my regalia?

Faculty orders must be emailed to Lisa McIntyre (click to email) by April 20th. In your email, be sure to include the following information: your full name; height and weight; cap size or head measurement in inches; most advanced degree; and the name of the institution from which the degree was received.

It's after April 20th. Can I still order faculty regalia?

Yes, but orders placed after April 20th will incur a late fee to expedite manufacturing. Orders placed between April 21st and May 4th will incur a $25 late fee; orders placed between May 5th and May 18th will incur a $50 late fee; and any orders placed after May 19th will incur a $75 late fee.

How much does faculty regalia cost?

Faculty regalia packages are $75.00 for faculty with a Bachelor's Degree, $80.00 for faculty with a Master's Degree, and $85.00 for faculty with a Doctorate. Faculty regalia is only available as a package; we are not able to sell or rent pieces a la carte.

Can I buy, rather than rent, my faculty regalia?

Faculty regalia is only available for rent.

Why do I have to order my faculty regalia so far in advance?

Faculty wear hoods reflecting the university from which they attained their highest degrees, so the hoods must be ordered custom, rather than in bulk.

I have another question.

For questions not answered here, give us a call at 212.772.3400, and ask for the Textbook Department. Please note that if your question is related to an online order, you should contact the supplier, Herff Jones, rather than Shakespeare & Co.; they can be reached at 1.800.837.4235. If your question is related to Hunter College Commencement but not to caps and gowns directly, visit Hunter College Commencement website. Thanks!